I met Ben Fold's (Belfast)


Ben Signing my BFF record and Me being a terrfied fanboy. (above)

I was at the Ben Folds Masterclass before the Belfast Gig. I got some advice direct from Ben on writing original Music and how "cover band hell" being useful for songwriting. Thanks to everyone involved. 


Live Piano for The Red Hot Roosters


Rob Rooster (left) & Ray Haller

I've recently been playing with The Red Hot Roosters all over the country. From Jerry Lee Lewis to Jame Brown tracks in the show, they always put on a good night.


Celebrating Fleetwood Mac with Rumours Retold


I was playing keys with "Rumours Retold" this Saturday at the Down Arts Centre.

With a band of major talent that includes Becky Baxter, Gavin Scott, Brigid O’Neill, Anthony Toner, Stevie Moore, Gary Lutton, Billy Cook, Matty Rea, Suzy Coyle, Ellen Weir and Cormac Neeson will unite for a unique one-off musical showcase to bring the album to life.

Date:                      Saturday 14 October
Time:                     8pm
Venue:                    Down Arts Centre

An Ok go cover by me.


Thought I'd try an OKGO cover. They're one of my favourites. Let me know what you think. Like share and all that. If you want.

Earlier with Jools Holland


I was front row at a little Jools Holland event at the China Exchange London. He'd words of wisdom passed down from the likes of Ray Charles and gave an inspiring talk about being unique and honest with your music. 

I'm in London!


I've moved to London for a while.  I've been writing on real pianos that can be hired at a moments notice. Which is impossible in Belfast.

I played the piano Elton John left in St Pancras Station. It's pretty crazy that we've both played the same piano. #inspired

I met Amanda Palmer


Being a piano playing person I'm natural a crazy Amanda Palmer fan.
I got to see her at the 2 Belfast gigs last weekend. I even got my arm autographed... then tattooed... then reweeted by Amanda.

I'm all inspired now especially after listening to her audiobook "The Art of Asking". I think every indie artist should check it out. It's amazing.

My arm still hurts:



Since I'm a big Ben Folds fanboy I got his autograph tattooed on me. 
Still can't believe I ran into him in Dublin. 

I also got a little heart on my finger... cos why not.

...and I bought a T-Shirt.